How an Engine’s Cooling System Works?

Hello Guys, Hope you're all fine there, and Sorry for too much late in my next Post. OK, so let's Start Our today's Topic "How an Engine's Cooling System Works". First i'll describe the main components that are used in Cooling System. The Components of a Cooling System The Radiator Radiator Cooling Fans Pressure Cap … Continue reading How an Engine’s Cooling System Works?


What is Super-Charger?

Hello guys, Last time i spoke about Turbo-Chargers and today as my title shows that I'm going to discus about Super-Charger. Since the invention of the internal com¬≠bustion engine, automotive engineers, speed junkies and race car designers have been searching for ways to boost its power. ¬≠One way to add power is to build a … Continue reading What is Super-Charger?

Personal OBD2 Compliant Scanners/Analyzer

Onboard Diagnostics II (OBD-II) is a standardized system that on board computers in cars and trucks use for self-diagnostics and reporting. This system grew out of California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations, and it was implemented with specifications that were developed by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). Unlike earlier, OEM-specific OBD-I systems, OBD-II systems … Continue reading Personal OBD2 Compliant Scanners/Analyzer